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It’s not easy to find work in Knysna. Salaries are low, rentals are high. It’s a bad combination. Buying and running a business is equally hazardous.

On the other hand if you are self employed and if you are selling products or services to a market outside the Garden Route, it’s a nice place to live. So if you are not going to be put off, try our free classifieds and listings of businesses that are servicing the local Human Resources market. You might also want to take a look at our Web Workshop

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We have complied a free listing of all the Recruitment Agencies and consutants we know about. If we have missed anyone please let us know

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  1. My husband has been in the wine industry, dairy and Hotel trade over the last serval years. We thought of Maintenance Manger for a estate, school ground, guest house etc. He was Chief Engineer for a ***** Hotel at the Water Front Cape Town.
    Please mail us any info that would help us.
    Many thanks,

  2. I suggest you place an advert on the Classifieds. It’s always a long shot but you never know who might respond. You can also mail me an informal resume of who what and where and I will post it on the site for you.

    But if the internet interests you. I suggest you join our workshop. Its free, it does not take up any time you don’t have and you will learn something, if not running a site that works for you.


  3. Hi, i thank the manag’t for evry they do to raise your company. Am frm Uganda,so is it possible for me to get a job there? I do appreciate your work.

  4. Hi there.
    My fiancée and I have been in love with the garden route since we first visited there years ago. It is our dream to live and work in the area. Knysna, George, Mosselbay or Plettenberg Bay. I am a qualified and experienced small business manager with experience in retail and sales. Im also a qualified and experienced sound engineer with experience in events planning and live sound. My fiancée is qualified in the tourism industry and has catering and hospitality experience. We would love it if anyone could assist us with possible jobs or guide us in the right direction.
    Any response would be appreciated.

  5. Salaries when you can find a job are low. Business is tight, worse than it has ever been. And it is going to get worse. So no, its not a good idea to relocate. That is unless you have an idea where you can work for yourself, build your own business and sell products or services elsewhere.

    That is what I am doing on the net and if the net interests you I can possibly help.


  6. Hi Mark, thank for getting back to me so quick! I don’t really want to give you my cell number online. Do you mind forwarding your contact details to the other email address listed with this reply? I see that you have a WordPress email address. Regrettably I’ve not yet worked with WordPress. Do you or an assistant have the time to assist with training?

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